Open Space Agency Releases Ultrascope Digital Designs

The kit-set telescope could reduce the cost of pro-level astronomy by an order of magnitude.


The Open Space Agency wants to leverage the collaborative powers of the internet and 3D printing, along with robotics, laser-cutting, and other technologies to make ocular space more accessible. They believe that we have gone through three eras of space development: The politics era, the commercial era, and now we’re on the threshold of an era of citizen space. As part of their mission, OSA has created the prototype for Ultrascope, an open source, 3D printable, high-powered telescope.

The Ultrascope is an ARO (Automated Robotic Observatory) with two designs in the works, the Explorer, with a 3.5″ mirror, and the Odyssey, with an 8″ mirror. All of the design files and control software will be available under an open license.


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