Faraday Motion: From Makers To Hardware Entrepreneurs

How to be a Maker at heart and build a successful company

Once I saw “electric”, “vehicle” and “3D printed” in the job title, I knew it had to be good (and I was right). I joined the Faraday Motion team to engineer like a Pro. Here is my part of the Faraday Motion story.

I will not start by describing my first day at work because I don’t want you to be synced into your Facebook feeds or in a deep REM-sleep in the middle of this story. I’d rather tell you what I’m doing here.

Making has always been celebrated within the society and looked upon as an adventurous feat only achieved by the crazy ones. We wouldn’t have many of the technologies and benefits we enjoy today if it wasn’t for those “makers” who devoted their patience and drive to experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Now, more than ever, we celebrate this process in hacker spaces, maker spaces, hackathons and maker events. Because we are willing to empower and transform new generations, making is becoming more of a necessary skill. It’s a skill that is essential to the 21st century.

What if I told you that there are a few guys in Berlin, who decided to bring the skateboard from its ‘60s basic form into the future? That’s right, a skateboard!

Last time I tried to stand on a skateboard was when Activision released ‘Tony Hawk’s ProSkater 3’ game and I did not become a pro skater at all. Since then I was pretty sure that I will not try this again. But you know what? I met these three guys and their 3D printable skateboard. After talking to Sune (the founder), I knew I wanted to be part of a team which will reinvent personal mobility. It was clear to me that I could bring value to Faraday Motion as an engineer with social skills. That’s how I became the Community Manager. It feels good to belong to a group that shares a passion for making.

I didn’t think I was going to be a startup employee, and honestly, I had mixed emotions about it. But they all got away when I realised that our headquarters is located in a World War 2 bunker below the central streets of Berlin. We’re too hip to start in a garage.

Sune impressed me with his background. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur within the tech industry specialising in eCommerce and electronics. Sune is the kind of guy I would like to have around when I’m about to take on to new challenges.

Martin is an industrial designer and hardware wizard with solid experience in mechanical engineering, 3D Design and 3D printing technologies. He’s also an expert in flow and stress CAD simulations.

Constantin is a software guy, who developed one of the leading transport planning websites in Moldova. He got to work for one of the biggest web agencies in Denmark. For 5 years he practised online marketing and is a seasoned graphic designer.

I’m a project manager, youth worker, TEDxWroclaw researcher, safety technician, and robotics engineer with a passion for tinkering around. I worked on numerous projects supported by the European Commission and used to create game related content. Let’s say I’m a mildly annoying geek.

My team is awesome. We have things like an internal top speed record contest. So far, Martin is winning, but it’s me who holds “The Cutest Prototype Builder” title. Yes, it’s partially pink, has built in battery on the bottom and it will have additional RGB led backlights – because why not?

Faraday Motion is a technology company that develops lightweight electric vehicles. Our software and hardware are open sourced and we are encouraging contributors to build on top of them. We believe that together with a community we can co-develop new types of lightweight electric vehicles. Our team even developed a platform for sharing experience and knowledge.

The first product we have developed is the Hyperboard, that is released in two versions: a community version as a kit and a consumer version. We are on a mission to develop the world’s most advanced electric skateboard. It’s intelligent, connected, has driving assistance, and a wide range of sensors.

Faraday Motion designs are 3D printable. You can download the files and start printing your own vehicle right away. Our product is extensible in terms of software and hardware so you can add new components and functionality over time. You can upgrade it with fenders, additional batteries, software updates or even a doughnut box holder. The best part is that there is no limitation in the expansion of its functionality.

Why did I decide to write this?

Because if you would spend some time with me you will figure out that I simply love the project I’m working on and I want to share this with you. I’m this kind of creature which wakes up in the morning and thinks “well, what if I will solder together a TV-B-Gone kit, attach it under the Hyperboard and go to some electronic fair to have some fun?”.

So finally – “How to be a Maker at heart and build a successful company?” I have no freaking idea. But with Faraday Motion we are working hard on empowering the maker community to bring change to personal mobility. And that’s something.

Right now we are on our way to release The Hyperboard. And you should Sign Up as an Early Bird to get up to 70% off MSRP

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