OpenBCI: Biosensing for Everybody Through Open Design

Enables anyone with a computer to sample the electrical activity of their body


Connor Russomanno and Joel Murphy have been designing brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) as part of their company, OpenBCI for a while now. BCI stands for a “brain-computer interface” that allows individuals to use brain signals to direct some external activity.

Unfortunately, BCI technology is often exorbitantly expensive, typically costing thousands of dollars for a good system. In 2014 OpenBCI took the first step towards creating an affordable open-sourced BCI kit, kickstarting a $320 board and raising over $215,000.

For about $450, you can buy a 3D-printed headset that records your brainwaves and converts them into signals that can control everything from a robot arm to a remote-controlled helicopter.

The Brooklyn-based company called makes these headsets and sells them to students and hobbyists. And unlike most commercial products on the market, all of their software and hardware plans are open source. You can find all the documentation for this project right here.


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