Reachy: Bio-inspired Robotic Prosthesis Arm

Pollen Robotics believe robots will fundamentally change the way we interact with everyday objects and how they interact with us. They want to put the people in the centre of this revolution, where objects become alive, so they can unleash their creativity and shape a new robotic world.

Reachy is a bio-inspired robotic prosthesis arm designed by Pollen Robotics for INCIA research lab. The project’s goal is to explore different human-robot control interfaces, in particular, using EMG. Reachy can be programmed directly in Python and can be easily connected with other scientific tools such as Matlab. The robot’s software allows to record movements by kinesthetic demonstration and be replayed at any time. It provides an intuitive way of quickly prototyping demonstrations.

The 3D models (3DS Max and STL) are included, meaning you can freely modify and extend the robot to your specific needs. The robotic control software is also open-source for an in-depth mastery of the control loop.

This project follows from an INRIA Flowers and INCIA collaboration during which two interns (Joel Ortiz and Sébastien Mick) developed a modified version of the open source Poppy robot and used it to prototype the control of a robotic arm via EMG.

The logical next step was to scale up to a bio-inspired robotic prosthesis of human size and with an articulated hand. Armed with their previous experience and an arsenal of modular tools, Pollen quickly designed and produced a fully functional robotic arm that is customized for INCIA applications.

You can access the full project documentation here.


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