Recycled 3D Printer: Tools For The E-waste Generation

20 to 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste are disposed of worldwide every year. This small footprint 3D Printer that is built with around 80% recycled components aims to do something about it.

E-waste 3D Printer

Designer Miquel Lloveras Corbalan has shared his designs for a 3D printer made from 80% recycled e-waste. The entire assembly costs less than $100 and is intended to “help us to be more conscious about the big problems related with e-waste generation.”

The project starts by teaching you how a generic CNC system works (by assembling and calibrating bearings, guides, and threads) and also provides instructions on how to program the machine to respond to g-code.

After that, Miquel explains how to add a small plastic extruder to the CNC system while touching on the concepts of plastic extrusion calibration, driver power tuning, and other few operations necessary to bring the printer to life.

The software comes from Repetier Host’s free program, and the other hardware is made using cheap laser cut materials as well as a 3D-printed nozzle.

You can find out more about the project on Wevolver here.


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