BuzzBox: Advanced Beehive Sensor By Open Source Beehives

Open Source Beehives was founded in 2013 to create a movement to use open source technology and citizen science to help the honeybee, and to create precision tools to help people become greater stewards of their beehives.

Open Source Beehives began with a vision of people who are separated by geographic distance, but who confront the same common problems, working together to cooperatively to develop innovative solutions for everyone’s benefit. Based on the success of projects like Arduino and Particle, they were inspired by the emerging potential for citizen-led scientific research and open data, owned by no one, but belonging to everyone, to give everyone a straight answer when it comes to the crisis facing the honey bee.

Open Source Beehives have now developed the BuzzBox, hardware and smartphone app, as a powerful open platform for monitoring beehives. The BuzzBox hive health monitor is an instrument for scientific research as well as precision bee keeping and is currently available on Kickstarter where Open Source Beehives are raising funds to support further research and development.

Open Source Beehives

Open Source Beehives have gathered thousands of hours of beehive audio from all over the world to bring you the BuzzBox Hive Health Monitor. Their team of data scientists has built a system that can automatically tell you how your bees are doing based on input from the kit’s microphone, and you’ll get updates on your smart phone in real time.


Open Source Beehives are gathering data from around the world and partnering with accredited research labs to bring you open data on the causes of bee population decline. As they learn more, the BuzzBox will be automatically updated with more accurate hive health reports.

You can find out more about Open Source Beehives and get your hands on your very own BuzzBox via the Kickstarter page.


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