FarmBot OS 5.0.1 Update!

Earlier this month, Rory Aronson and the FarmBot team released a version 5.0.1 of the FarmBot software stack. Rory explains how the team focused the last six weeks of development on stability, under-the-hood changes, and a grab bag of new features that make using the web app quicker.


If you’re not yet familiar with the project, FarmBot is a robotic open hardware system that assists anyone with a small plot of land and a desire to grow food with planting, watering, soil testing, and weeding. It uses a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other awesome components, including weather-resistant materials.

FarmBot is the first piece of technology that is an end-to-end soil-based food production system that is also 100% open source, focused on precision, controlled from the web, and accessible and appropriate for small-scale operations.

Most of the changes to FarmBot OS were to support the new features and changes in the other codebases. They did however:

  • Lay more groundwork for the farmware plugin system, which is what the weed detection system uses.
  • Add download progress messages so you can see that FarmBot is downloading an update or farmware plugin.

FarmBot OS UI

While many of the features in this release make working with the app and bot faster and easier, Rory is still working on making the software more user-friendly. Now that he has the technical infrastructure in place for smaller updates that are more frequent, Rory hopes to move towards weekly production pushes and more regular update posts.

Rory has also released a series of introductory videos for the FarmBot Genesis v1.2 kits, which include detailed descriptions and explanations of the components that go into making your own FarmBot Genesis.

You can read Rory’s blog post here or visit the project page on Wevolver.


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