University Student Ehsan Flex Sensor Robotic Arm

Ehsan Faramarzi is developing a robotic arm that responds to flex sensors placed on a glove. The robotic arm is part of the InMoov robot that you can find here.

Sensors at the end of each finger are able to detect minute pressures, and with the help of a motor, convert those pressures into haptic feedback for the user, which is transmitted through the surface of the skin.

One application of the project is rehabilitative therapy for upper limb amputees. Over time, understimulated nerve cells tend to lose their sensitivity but Ehsan’s haptic feedback system could be used to restore function to inactive nerve cells at the site of an amputation by repeatedly stimulating them.

Ehsan with his robotic arms

The idea is that when a person touches an object using the robotic hand, the servo motor rotates, touching the surface of the user’s skin, stimulating the underlying nerves. As the brain repeatedly detects these signals, nerve sensitivity will gradually be restored to the patient, according to project creator, Ehsan.

Ehsan is very passionate about his project and believes these developments could be a source of hope for many people.

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