New Technical Writer: Sarah Paynter Joins Wevolver Team

Not long ago, I was a psychology student who played piano. But it was my love for writing that hurtled me into the exciting sphere of innovation and technology.

It’s funny, how life can lead you down a most unexpected path. I planned to pursue a PhD in psychology, and my undergraduate career was almost over before I ventured into the world of STEM students, makers, and entrepreneurs.

Practically on an impulse, I accepted a writing internship at a university makerspace. I thought my time would be spent writing blog posts about physicists and engineers in the program, but I soon found that many of my soft skills, such as communication, management, and big-picture development, complemented the technical skills of the STEM students.

I transitioned from writer to communication manager to project manager. As I became more comfortable in the sphere of technology, I even began to work as a product engineer. My team traveled to Cartagena, Colombia to do a structural analysis of a UNESCO World Heritage site using our specialized drone technology, and when we finished, we founded a drones company that specializes in data collection.

After starting my own business, I became manager of James Madison University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, where I helped students start their own ventures and create new products such as an all-in-one prototype machine, a 3D photography social media app, medical innovations, and more.

I began as a writer, musician, and student of the human mind… and I ended up working with technology and entrepreneurs. But these disciplines are connected by a shared passion: a celebration of creativity. 

Innovators and makers are creators, just like musicians and writers. The intelligence behind each is highly translatable. Making things that are new, trying things that haven’t been tried, exploring, and creating – these are the things that make us human. I am passionate about making, whether it be writing or tinkering, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to express this passion by shining a light on the creative endeavors of the Wevolver community. Let’s enable anyone, anywhere to develop hardware that improves life. 



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