Gigabot Creator Changes Refugee Experience through Partnership with Good Works Studio

Good Works Studio Receives Gigabot Gigaprize

Good Works Studio creates humanitarian design products to improve the living conditions of refugees. Following their launch of Emergency Floor, they began design on a power-free air conditioning solution for the hot desert conditions of many refugee camps.

Scott and Sam want to ensure their new product’s affordability so it can be accessible to a wide range of refugees. The prototyping and iteration process is critical if they want to create the most functionally and financially efficient final product. But creating and re-creating a product is expensive.

In the creation of their Emergency Floor, Scott and Sam would send their mold out to a 3rd party vendor. These vendors “charged a premium” for prototypes, and designers would not receive their mold for up to three weeks, stalling the iteration process.

Makers know that rapid, low-cost prototyping enables you to quickly discover what works and what does not work. Creating their own prototypes would dramatically increase Good Works Studio’s ability to create the most functionally and financially efficient product. Scott and Sam dreamed of having their own large-scale 3D printer for prototyping, but they were not capitalized to do so.

Good Works Studio entered the Gigabot Giveaway to receive re:3D’s 400th printer.

Last Christmas, Scott and Sam heard about the re:3D Gigaprize 3D printer giveaway. For every 100 bots sold, 3D printer company re:3D donates one Gigabot 3D printer to a charitable project. Because other printers were too small and were not  powerful enough, and knowing of the opportunity to win a Gigabot, Good Works Studio made the snap decision to enter the Gigaprize giveaway. The never expected to win the prize, but Good Works Studio was the recipient of the 400th Gigabot.

Scott was thrilled. “It’s a large, really good printer, with a print volume that is really compelling, especially at that resolution. It’s nice to have 3D printing at our fingertips. We have less anxiety when we can see our product immediately, and it enables us to have proof of concept so we can eventually spend money on the manufacturing of the product without worrying about its design.”

A 3D Printer for a Better World

The company re:3D makes large-scale, industrial-strength 3D printers at an affordable price. There are many 3D printers in today’s market, but most are small, consumer grade machines — otherwise, they are prohibitively expensive.

“Gigabot is the most affordable large-scale industrial 3D printer on the market.”

Samantha Snabes, founder of re:3D, always wanted to help the world – she even considered starting a charitable foundation. So when she founded re:3D, she crafted the company with a socially-driven mission to develop products that help people.

The Gigabot is the most affordable large-scale printer on the market. It offers high quality printing beyond many other industrial 3D printers.

The company draws many nonprofit customers. The company promotes charitable uses of their machine with special prices for nonprofits, schools, and makerspaces. In this way, Samantha feels “our reach is actually so much wider; we’re enabling a whole network of people to do something good.”

Aside from discounts and giveaways for charities, re:3D is trying to change the world by creating accessibility to recycled and compostable 3D printing materials. This innovation can change the industry and make a large-scale impact on the environment.

Company employees expect to sell their 500th Gigabot by the end of the year, which means that the next Gigaprize giveaway is just around the corner. Follow @re3dprinting on Instagram to be notified about the next Gigaprize giveaway for your charitable project.



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