Engineering Consultancy Extia Teams Up With e-Nable France

Extia is an engineering consultancy that was founded in 2007. The company has over one thousand employees, headquarters in Paris, and offices throughout France and Europe, including Belgium, Switzerland, and Romania. Extia setup an...

Trillium Technologies: Space Exploration & Hyper-local Manufacturing

Trillium Technologies develops solutions to systemic problems in climate, ocean, and space. Tackling issues of this scale require learning quickly, prototyping, and making things real through partnerships and community building. So, they use a...

Building 3D Printable Humanoid Robots with Kevon Kelly

“I chose the InMoov because it is the best 3D printable humanoid robot available” - Kevon Kelly. The InMoov, a 3D printable humanoid robot, has captured the world’s attention. But a UK student is jump-starting...

Little RP: Build This Open Source Resin 3D Printer

Resin printing is a 3D printing process that uses intense light to transform liquid resin into a high-quality, finely-detailed 3-dimensional part. Light sources used for this type of printing are typically a +2000 lumen...

Sunzilla Provides Open Source Renewable Energy

SunZilla is a solar-powered generator that provides a clean and easy-to-use alternative for off-grid electricity supply. Its battery storage ensures a reliable and flexible supply even at night or on less sunny days. SunZilla grew...

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