On the community blog we publish news and updates on projects that are being developed on Wevolver and the teams behind them.

If you have a project hosted on Wevolver, or working on one and feel you have relevant updates to share, please submit. We will review the submission and if we feel it’s relevant to share with the Wevolver community publish your item.
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About Wevolver Community News

Community News by Wevolver provides the latest updates and news items regarding the people and projects hosted on Wevolver.

We share these items with the large network of people in our community. Our aim is to keep the community informed about the developments happening on Wevolver. For you as a hardware developer, it’s a fantastic opportunity to promote your work and connect with potential users, customers or team members.

Community News is part of the Wevolver platform. Wevolver is a collaboration platform for hardware developers on both public and private hardware projects.

We have a +250.000 people audience consisting of engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. Our social media platforms have a combined Monthly outreach of 4.5 million people,  providing the latest news and research in the world of hardware development and engineering.

Wevolver’s global audience includes early adopters, professional hardware developers, engineering students, entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, and corporations.